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Tomato Bank

Tomato Bank is officially open to the public. Here's what you need to know to help answer customer questions so that everyone can MAKE BANK.

Questions You're Gonna Hear

What is the Tomato Bank?
It's an Earth Fare rewards program! You earn points for actions you take on a daily basis, like 5 points for bringing your own bag or redeeming the weekly email deal. The points add up to savings!

What is the Tomato Bank NOT?
Being a member of the Tomato Bank does NOT entitle you to sale prices. Point accumulation is NOT affected by the size of the purchases.

The Tomato Bank is about taking actions, not just making purchases. And over time customers save on their entire purchase, not just select items.

How do I (the customer) sign up?
Customers need a Welcome Home account to join the Tomato Bank. Go to and sign in to Welcome Home or visit our Wellness Kiosk to join now. Create a Tomato Bank ID and you'll get bonus points just for joining!

Point ValuesWhat are actions and points?
Actions are things you do, purchases you make, or challenges you meet in stores. When you complete these actions, you earn points by typing in your Tomato Bank ID at the register. Your points total is displayed on the register screen, at the bottom of your receipt and on when you’re signed in.

What are points worth?
Every 100 points = $1 toward an Earth Fare purchase. This credit can be redeemed at checkout on anything we sell except alcohol or gift cards.

When do my points expire?
Your points expire and your account will be deactivated after 2 full years of complete inactivity – meaning neither earning or redeeming points.

What's my Tomato Bank ID?
Card NumberFor Team Members, your Tomato Bank ID will always be your Team Member discount card. Team Members do not need to type in a number at the register.

Customers will create a Tomato Bank ID when they join. We suggest they use their phone number because it's easy to remember, and we will not to call or text it.

What are "Bank Cards" and "Bank Foods"?
Bank Card:
Every Monday, customers will get an “Action Email” telling them a department to visit to pick up a Bank Card. When the customer brings the Bank Card through checkout, it's scanned for 15 points and kept at the register to be recirculated.

Bank Food:
Every Monday, customers will get an “Action Email” telling them three different items to purchase at Earth Fare that week that are worth points! Each of these Bank Foods is worth 10 points (limit 3 per item).

Here's a Help Card

There are some customer questions and frustrations that you might not be able to address. It's cool; deep breath. Just be nice and give them a HELP Card (available at the Front End). This card gives them Customer Service contact info plus a 10% discount on their next transaction. Assure them that their problem will be resolved, and it totally will.

Some questions that get a HELP Card:
•What is my username/email address for Welcome Home? I don't remember it.
•What is my password to log in to Welcome Home? I don't remember it.
•What is my Tomato Bank ID? It's not my phone number and I don't remember the number I signed up with.
•Where are my joining points? I signed up online over 30 minutes ago. (Note: It takes 30 minutes for points to show up.)
•My points are incorrect - I completed actions, but I'm not seeing my points.
•The points on my receipt don't match the website when I log in.

What About TEAM Tomato Bank?

Team PointsHere's the deal: Team Members can earn all the same points in all the same ways as customers, but you can also earn additional points through Team Member-only actions. Watch the Team blog and emails for the newest actions.

As a Team Member, you will continue to scan your Team Member discount card at the register to accumulate points. DO NOT enter your phone number on the keypad, as this may cause you to not get your 20% Team Member discount. This same rule goes for all Team Member spouses and partners.

And, as a Team Member, if you want to see your points on the website, you’ll need a Welcome Home account with the SAME email address that you signed up with for the Team Tomato Bank. This should be a personal, non-Earth Fare email address. If you have an issue, email with your Team Member discount card number and your personal, non-Earth Fare email address.